Who is Tane Piper

I am a Digital Technology Leader at IKEA working with Knowledge Graphs, Headless CMS and People to create great experiences for co-workers and customers. I’ve been writing code since I got sat infront of a BBC Micro and have been a professional developer for over 20 years at various agencies, startups and enterprise companies.

Blog Technology

The site is Markdown powered and generated with Hugo .

The site runs on a custom template I’ve built for Hugo. The CSS uses one reset file, then is light flexbox CSS with no framework.

The site sets one cookie - tane-dev-theme - if you select a theme, otherwise no cookie is set.

I also use Font Awesome 5 Pro for my font icons.

My aim is to keep the blog as lightweight as possible and with minimal tracking or too many features.

Blog Rational

For a few years I’ve published articles on Medium as a platform, however I’ve been dissatisfied with their recent changes regarding how the handle paid content. With the purchase of tane.dev I decided to set up a new blog where I can share my thoughts on software development and technology. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I have some experience I feel I can share.