Blog Technology

The site is Markdown powered, all articles are written within VS Code (with spell checking, but sometimes typos still get through so please let me know) and the HTML is generated with Hugo.

Content is served via GitHub Pages behind Cloudflare for SSL.

The site runs on a custom template I’ve built for Hugo. The CSS uses one reset file, then is light flexbox CSS with no framework.

The site sets one cookie - tane-dev-theme - if you select a theme, otherwise no cookie is set. There are no other tracking cookies set on this site.

I also use Font Awesome 5 Pro for my font icons and Commento for comments. These may provide their own cookies.

My aim is to keep the blog as lightweight as possible and with minimal tracking or too many features.

Blog Rational

For a few years I’ve published articles on Medium as a platform, however I’ve been dissatisfied with their recent changes regarding how the handle paid content. With the purchase of I decided to set up a new blog where I can share my thoughts on software development and technology. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I have some experience I feel I can share.