2021 - Status: Active

WebSerial.app is a Svelte application that allows browsers to communicate with hardware devices over USB or Bluetooth serial connections.

RxJS Ninja

2020 - Status: Active

A set of NPM modules that contain Operators and Observables for any project using RxJS that give you more controls over your data - with filtering, querying and modifying data, and providing extra utilites for side effects and working with different types of streams.


2019 - Status: Maintenance Mode

An Angular component for EditorJS allowing it to be used in Angular projects. This came with an architecture to allow the importing of EditorJS plugins

Elite: Dangerous Immersion Toolkit

2018 - Status: Inactive

A tool that integrated with the game Elite: Dangerous to read its game log and use the data to control Philips Hue lights. For example when entering a star system, it would adjust the colour of the lights to match the stars warm or cool light temperature, or when overheating it would indicate by flashing the lights red.


2017 - Status: Inactive

Takeoff is a toolkit for rapid development using Docker, allowing you to prototype web applications using a command line tool and simple blueprint that speed up development of full-stack applications.

Music Markup Web Components

2017 - Status: Inactive

An experiment with Web Components and StencilJS to create components that could be used to create musical instruments in the browser.


2017 - Status: Inactive

An attempt at writing a linting tool for the npm package.json file to reduce the security risks posed by npx and other tools used in scripts and dependencies.

Node Bitly

2012 - Status: Maintenance Mode

bitly is still the most popular bit.ly client for JavaScript projects with an average of 25,000 downloads a week. Currently not being activly maintained, but recently updated to support Bitly’s new v4 API.

Sublime Text 3 NodeJS

2012 - Status: Maintenance Mode

A plugin for Sublime Text 3 that provided NodeJS integration.